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How to Create a Google Account Right When You’re an Influencer or Brand

You'd think that it would be easy to create a Google account.

Am I right?

But there's a problem.

There are so many things that you can do wrong when you start that will make managing your various Google apps and products difficult later on.

I'm going to show you how to create your Google account the right way so you can manage everything from a single account making your future less frustrating.

Think About the Future When you Create a Google Account

What do I mean?

Let me tell you a story.

Our heroine is Sarah Z Jones.

Sarah created a Google account with the username

Sarah was so proud of her shiny new Google account which she used to promote her business and her brand.

One of her many accomplishments was to fill her Google Plus account up with a bunch of great information and it provided huge value to her audience.

One day, Bill Banks came to Sarah and told her he'd like to buy her business for an exciting amount of money.

Sarah was thrilled, she went through all the steps to set up and transfer ownership over to Bill.

To her horror, she realized that more than a trivial part of her business value was tangled up in her Google Plus account.

This wouldn't be a showstopper except that she'd commingled herself branding along with it!

Get it?

Not only had she built up her brand in her personal account, but she'd been using her account to also establish her reputation as an influencer.

She quickly discovered that it was going to be complicated to separate herself from her business brand.

Bill was not Happy

Part of the appeal of Sarah's business was her brand she'd built with her Google account.

What should Sarah do now?

One solution was to work out a complicated, time-consuming transfer that was going to take a great deal of coordination between her and Bill.

She could continue to manage the business brand for Bill, something neither was terribly enthusiastic about.

Finally, she could just turn over her account to him, but that was something she just was not willing to do.

They did finally settle on a resolution to by building a brand and transferring the business information over to it.

Bill subsequently reduced the purchase price and while it was still generous, it was sad that such a simple thing could become such a huge problem!

Today I intend to keep you from making the mistake when you create a Google account that Sarah did, and also keep you from other mistakes that will cause you potential pain.

Create a Google Account - 1 of 2

That's right.

You are going to create two Google accounts.

You will create a Google account for your business, and then you will create a new Google account for you as an influencer.

Don't worry, I'll explain why soon.

You will use this first (business only) account to maintain a separation between you as an influencer and your brand.

Go to: Create your Google Account

create a google account for your brandLet's talk about the "Choose your username" field.

For this account do not use your own domain, you want to claim your branded Gmail account, so create a

Use the ideal version of your brand name if at all possible, or use your domain name, or whatever makes sense, but claim your brand!

Just type in a username and when you hit tab (or click out of the field) Google will inform you whether it's available.

If it's available, congratulations!

If it's not available, then it's time to get creative as you repeat the process.

Keep trying different usernames until you find one you like and that makes sense for your brand.

Finish Creating Your First Google Account

The rest of the form should be pretty straight forward.

Unlike some social networks (Facebook), Google doesn't care if you use the same phone number for multiple accounts.

Click the "Next Step" button.

Next is the legalese agreement, after you read it and click the "I AGREE" button.

Finally, click the "Continue" button from the welcome page.

You should be on the "My Account" page.

This page is where you can set up your account with regard to security and other personal options.

I'm not going to go through all the options because why should I spoil your fun?

Instead, I'll discuss the options that you should consider since you'll be using this account for your business.


You now have your first Google account AND your branded Gmail email account for your business all nice and secure.

Create a Google Account - 2 of 2

If you already have a personal account you can just use that account.

Some people like to create a Google account that is dedicated to an influencer account only.

Because that way they can have a private "friend and family" account (so you might need three Google accounts).

Often, private accounts have security locked down and posts are only seen by followers.

As an influencer, your activities need to be seen by everyone, and you want as many followers as you can gather.

If you already have an influencer account or you want to use your personal account you can just get on with establishing your brand by creating your Google Plus account.


Create a Google Account Dedicated to you as an Influencer

If you are still logged in as the account you created in the first part of this article, logout.

You log out by clicking on your profile ball in the top right of the screen and then click on the "Sign Out" button.

You'll see a page that lists the account you created (and any other accounts you have).

Choose "Use another account".

Click "More options", the "Create account".

You can choose another Gmail address and get your influencer name nailed down if you like, but I typically just use my personal address at my domain.

To do this, click on the link just below the username that reads, "I prefer to use my current email address" and then enter your full

create a google account as an influencerFinish filling out the form and go through the process just like you did before.

Set Up Your Influencer Profile

Under "Personal Info & Privacy", click on "Your personal info", then click on the "About Me" link.

After you create a Google account change your profile picture and informationClick on the circle (should show a camera icon when you hover) and upload your personal influencer picture (1:1 ratio, shoot for 1024 x 1024 pixels).

Next, click on the banner behind your personal influencer picture and upload your ribbon (16:9 ratio, shoot for 1024 x 576 pixels).

Click on the pencil next, enter a nickname and then in the drop down choose how you want your influencer name displayed, click "OK" when finished.

Click on the pencil next to your gender and birth date.

Make sure everything is correct.

Choose whether or not you want to show the year.

Finally, enter your occupation.

To finish, click the "OK" button.

Setting Up Your Details - Take Your Time and Do It Right

Click on the plus icon ( + ) in the lower right of the screen.

You can add your work and personal contact information, education, work history and other information.

You should enter as much as you feel comfortable adding here, but make certain you fill out your sites and your story.

For your sites, add your website URL and don't forget to use Https:// if you can get to your site with the URL

You can also add any links to your other social accounts here, along with links to any other relevant sites.

Now, take a minute and enter your story.  If you've created your bio already, just paste it here.

Congratulations on successfully setting up your Google Account.


You've successfully set up the only two accounts you are going to need.

Your influencer account is yours, you'll use that same account no matter how many businesses you create over the years.

Your second account is an account that you will use as a proxy for your brand.

If you ever decide to transfer your business to someone else, you'll enjoy a clear delineation.

You'll be able to control your brand from both your influencer account and this account.

Both you and the new owner can have dual control over the brand for as long as you both like.

The new owner will be able to revoke your rights at a future date, ideally at a time that you both agree.

This nice clean separation helps you as you grow too and later you'll attach other accounts.

For example, YouTube channels.

You can make video's as an influencer as well as business videos and keep them separated.

Keeping them separated like this just makes great sense as you grow, and makes life easier later.

So, What's Next?

Glad you asked!

You need to set up your Google + accounts and start the clock ticking.

Why do you need to "start the clock ticking"?

That will be covered in the next post: Create Your Google Plus Accounts

Take a Minute and Let Me Know about your Experience

How did it go creating your two Google accounts?

I'd like to know if everything went smoothly, or if you ran into any bumps.

Let me know if anything needs to be fixed, or even if you have a contrary perspective to my plan.

Take a minute and comment below.

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