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How to Find the Best Niche Web Hosting Providers – Part 2

Part 1 of this two-part series set up the terminology and presented some expectations. In part 2 I teach you what to look for in a hosting partner and how to compare the myriad pricing options so you can reduce confusion and get closer to comparing apples to apples. I'll take you through three top-tier hosting providers and their costs while connecting the dots around the points discussed in the first part. Don't take choosing a hosting provider lightly, learn what you need to know to establish your foundation now and into the future!
This is Part 2 of 2.
Go to part 1 of 2: How to Find the Best Niche Web Hosting Providers

This is part 2 of the duology discussing how to find the best niche web hosting providers.

While part 1 discusses the terminology and sets the stage for how to approach your decision, part 2 takes you into the details of actually making the decision.

In this article, I'll teach you how and what to think about by taking you through some examples of existing top notch hosting partners.

Hosting Providers

Now comes the important part, how to choose the right hosting provider!

Choosing the right hosting provider can turn what is often a trial in patience, to a one-click instant success.

For the rest of this article, I’m going to assume that you’ve taken my advice and that you will be using WordPress.  Otherwise, if I have to cover every possibility, this article will be way too long.  In fact, with all the options available, I’d need to write an entire book to take you through everything, and I think we both have better things to do right now.


GoDaddy is one of the more well-known hosting providers available and they’ve been doing this for a long time.  GoDaddy is a full-service hosting provider that will be able to provide you just about everything you need to get started and grow a successful business.

Take a look at the GoDaddy WordPress hosting plans.  These plans start (as of this writing) at $3.99 USD a month and go up to $13.99 USD a month for their highest WordPress plan.

The plan that you are going to be interested in for your purposes, as we’ve previously discussed, is going to be the “Ultimate Plan”.  That’s $7.99 a month, that’s about $96.00 a year.  But you only get that pricing if you sign up for 3 years, otherwise, it’s $9.99 a month.

Notice the fine print though, after the promotional period the price is going to go up to $14.99 a month which is about $180.00 for the year.

With this plan, you are also going to get 1 free domain name. That domain name can only be a .com, .net, .org, .co, .cn, .xyz, or .club top level domain.  If that confuses you, forget it for now (or you can learn a bit more about what a URL is).

Just understand that most people will use a .com domain and that you’ll likely be able to get it for free, however year 2 is going to cost you the normal price of about $14.99 per year (unless you sign up for more than 1 year, then it’ll be free for the duration).

One thing that I will add is that if you are getting a new domain name, you should consider the privacy upsell.  That will allow you to keep your personal information private so that spammers and telephone marketers don’t get access to your information because that information is normally public.

Basic privacy will cost you $7.99 a year bringing your first-year total to about $106.00 and your year two to about $203.00.

One thing I have to add is that it is possible to reduce the costs by committing to multiple years, the problem is that the SSL is only going to be free the first year, as is the privacy.  But it is a way to extend the promotional pricing of at least the hosting to multiple years.

But, why do I need the GoDaddy Ultimate Plan?  Why can’t I choose the Basic Plan?


Remember from the discussion above that you’re going to need to support SSL (HTTPS)?

Well, what people often don’t realize is that this is an add-on.  Something else you have to buy in order to support secure communications.

With this plan, you are going to get 1 SSL certificate free (for the first year) which will allow you to secure 1 site.

What’s interesting is that they give you the ability to have 2 sites with this plan, but you can only secure one for free.  So, if you decide to create a second site, and you want it to be secure, you’re going to have to cough up some cash to get there.

Another aspect that people tend to forget is that there are always going to be ongoing costs, that “free” SSL certificate is going to cost you $69.00 next year, and every year after that.  If you don’t pay it, then it stops being valid and your site is no longer secured.

That other bit they tout there about “Malware scan and removal”, that’s pretty much just leveraging fear tactics because so long as you don’t open up access by not keeping things up to date, it’s probably not going to be an issue.  Also, it bears mentioning that they are going to scan and remove malware regardless because it’s their network.

As for the monthly visitors, if you get to 400,000 visitors I can guarantee that the cost of your site is not going to be a concern at all. That’s a lot of traffic and you should be making a very nice living with that much traffic.

The storage at 30 GB is more than enough.  If you can fill 30 GB of storage with a startup website then you are either hosting large downloads, writing massive amounts of content, or you’re doing something very wrong.

So, let’s break this down and simplify things.

1 Year Option at GoDaddy

If you decide to pay for one year, you are going to get:

  • Hosting for 1 year - $9.99 per month, $119.88 for the year - $14.99 per month every year after
  • A free domain - $0.00 for year 1 - $14.99 every year after
  • A free SSL certificate - $0.00 for year 1 - $69.99 every year after
  • Email – You get one free email account per domain owned
  • Domain privacy - $7.99 per year
  • REMOVE the O365 email option otherwise it’ll cost you $57.00 per year after the first and you don’t need it
  • Year 1 total: $127.87
  • Year 2 total: $272.85

3 Year Option at GoDaddy

The three-year option is really the best deal, but you will end up paying $724.44 vs $946.42 (by choosing the 1-year option) over the same amount of time.  The problem?  In 4 years time, you are likely going to actually have started a second site (another domain, another SSL, and another privacy).

  • Hosting for 3 years - $7.99 per month, $287.64 for three years - $14.99 per year after
  • A free domain - $0.00 for 3 years - $14.99 every year after
  • A free SSL certificate - $0.00 for year 1 - $69.99 every year after
  • Email – You get one free email account per domain owned
  • Domain privacy - $7.99 per year, $23.97 for three years
  • REMOVE the O365 email otherwise it’ll cost you $57.00 per year after the first and you don’t need it
  • Immediate total: $311.61
  • Year 2 total: $69.99
  • Year 3 total: $69.99
  • Year 4 total: $272.85

GoDaddy is a good hosting provider, and by using a WordPress hosted account you are going to have most of the technology trials removed.

However, you will still need to manage things like:

  • Caching – a way to make your site faster. Faster sites do better in Google.
  • Spam – You have to get a plugin to manage spam otherwise your blog will get flooded with junk you have to delete
  • Security – Keeping your password complex, out of the reach of bad guys, and keeping those miscreants from breaking in by trying to guess your password using your login form


Given the choice between hosting with GoDaddy and hosting with SiteGround, I’d likely choose

The reason for this is because SiteGround has a feature that will keep you from having to install at least 1 plugin though the pricing is about the same.

SiteGround is going to give you all that GoDaddy will give you plus their WordPress special cache and unlimited domain hosting, assuming you choose their GrowBig plan.  Check out the managed WordPress plans

The amount of traffic that they allow you is a fraction of what GoDaddy allows at 25,000 visits.  However, if you have 25,000 visits a month then you should be able to monetize that traffic to easily justify moving up to a less limited plan.

Storage is 10 GB less than GoDaddy, but 20 GB is more than enough for most startup sites.

They also allow unlimited sub-domains which are something that is cool and may prove useful to you.  Many, if not most, do not leverage this concept and it’s not something you need to worry about right now.  Sub-domains are a topic I’ll discuss as the things become more advanced. has many other features that are pretty cool, but at this point just understand that everything that I’ve been talking about is covered and more.

So, let’s get to the breakdown…

1 Year Option at SiteGround

If you decide to pay for one year, you are going to:

  • Get hosting for 1 year - $5.95 per month, $71.40 for the year - $14.95 per month every year after
  • Have to register a Domain - $14.95 for year 1 - $14.95 every year after
  • Get a free SSL certificate - $0.00 for year 1 - $82.00 every year after
  • Email – Unlimited for free
  • Get domain privacy - $12.00 per year
  • Year 1 total: $98.35
  • Year 2 total: $288.35

You don’t really get any price break for selecting multiple years, so there’s no real reason to break it down.  Essentially, it’s going to cost you $288.35 every year except the first year.

Like GoDaddy, you are going to have to install a plugin for spam control, but with their free special cache, you likely won’t need to worry about that plugin.

SiteGround is a really great hosting provider, but there’s still one more that I think is better for a number of reasons.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is going to give you everything that SiteGround gives you and a whole lot more.  In fact, there’s one benefit of using Wealthy Affiliate that no other hosting partner can even touch, which I’ll get to in just a second.

Your domain is still going to cost you because that is a constant across the board.  GoDaddy and services like GoDaddy can provide you a free domain because that is primarily what they do.  Hosting is a service they’ve added over the years.

However, you will not have to pay extra for SSL certificates regardless of how many sites you set up.

You get 500,000 visitors per month, 30 GB of storage (again, that’s a lot), and can host up to 25 domains (websites) at no added cost.  25 is a lot better than 2!

Every website will have an SSL certificate that will not cost you any extra in the first year or any year after that.

You also get unlimited emails.

You also get automatic spam protection.  This means that you won’t have to install a plugin to overcome the merciless pounding that WordPress sites get hammered with.

Very soon Wealthy Affiliate will be adding an automatic caching solution so, like SiteGround, you won’t have to install a plugin to make your site faster.  Remember, Google likes faster sites.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you also get centralized access to all user accounts that you create for each WordPress site you create.  This allows you a one-click login to any site you have hosted with automatic, highly complex passwords that you never have to remember.

That alone keeps the bad guys from guessing your password and you can even disable your login page completely if you like.

But the real benefit, the features that no other hosting provider I’ve seen can provide you with, is likely the most valuable aspect of the hosting.

Wealthy Affiliate is going to give you access to a entire community of well over 800,000 individuals across 195 countries!  There’s no extra cost for this.

I challenge you to find that anywhere else.  If you’re unsure how a built-in community benefits you, I’ll explain shortly.

One other thing that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else is access to two formalized training courses that are going to take you step by step through what to do next with your shiny new WordPress site!  Later, I’ll advise you which to focus on first.

Finally, there are hundreds of pieces of training and thousands of informative posts within the extensive library that you can research as quickly or slowly as you like.

This active community can help you out in real time, day or night and that’s on top of the stellar official support that is provided in case you end up with something serious that needs to be taken care of.

I think the cherry on top is that the founders of this platform are actually active in the community.  Kyle, the head honcho is constantly weighing in on topics and even helps members out himself from time to time.

These people not only provide the services like the other companies that we’ve been discussing, they have their fingers on the pulse of everything, every day!

The best part about this is that they are so incredibly confident in the service and value they provide that they offer a 7-day trial 100% free with no credit card required to sign up and use the service!

On top of that, if you decide not to use their hosting platform then you can still be a free member and get some limited access to the community as well as access to their free website system.

The only difference between the free websites and the paid hosting is that you can’t use your own domain name with the free websites.

That’s why the paid hosting is important.  It is imperative that you have your own domain name if you are going to be serious about building your online portable income.

The Wealthy Affiliate plans are simple.  There are really only two.  Free and paid.

The paid is $49.00 a month, but if you pay by the year (something I highly recommend with any hosting partner), it’s severely discounted down to $331.00 (that’s $27.00 a month).

Yes, I know It’s a good deal higher than the first year at, and, but you’re getting access to so much more value.

I’m telling you, creating a website is one thing.  Knowing what to do and how to do it is something that is way more important that the other hosting partners out there just are not going to help you with.

What hosting “partners” typically do is take your money, provide you with some resources and tools, then wish you a cheery “good luck” …as you are left wondering, “what the heck do I do now?”

You are paying a little more the first year by choosing Wealthy Affiliate, but subsequent years aren’t really that much different if you are paying annually once you add everything up.

Plus, where else are you going to be able to get access to training, and be able to practice your site building for free before you spend a dime on anything …including a domain name.

See, now you’re getting the picture.

Signup, create your free website, start going through the basic training and see how you like how things shape up.

After the 7 days are up, decide if you are still serious about making money online.  If you are, you can get full access to everything, and a month to continue your trial while setting up your REAL site for $19.00.  I’m serious, check out the Wealthy Affiliate video about premium hosting and membership.

If after 30 days you are still serious, and you’ve learned all that I’ve told you about and more, then I urge you to “go premium” and pay for the full year.

If you decide you aren’t, then you will simply walk away $19.00 poorer.  Seems like a pretty safe risk, doesn’t it?

You bet it does!  I know you’ve heard it before, but you really have nothing to lose other than a little bit of your time, and $19.00.  That will barely buy dinner at McDonalds!

So, let’s break it down:

1 Year Option at Wealthy Affiliate

If you decide to pay for one year, you are going to get:

  • Hosting for 1 year - $49.00 per month, $331.00 if you choose the annual plan – Same price next year
  • Domain - $13.99 for year 1 - $13.99 every year after
  • SSL certificate - $0.00 forever and for as many sites as you have up to 25!
  • Email – Unlimited
  • Domain privacy – included with the domain
  • Community – Access to 800,000 members 24/7
  • Training – Access to formal training and a library of training material and informative posts
  • Year 1 total: $331.00
  • Year 2 total: $331.00

Let’s compare the cash:

1 Year Option

  • GoDaddy – 127.87 a difference of $203.13
  • SiteGround – 98.35 a difference of $232.65

After the First Year

  • GoDaddy - $272.85 a difference of $58.15
  • SiteGround - $288.35 a difference of $42.65

The first year is quite a bit cheaper at both of the very qualified hosting partners, and you will save over $200.00 when compared to Wealthy Affiliate.

But!  There will be more headaches with them, I can guarantee you that.  Because with Wealthy Affiliate if you host your site and domain with them then everything is push button smooth with no added complexity.

The second year is laughable.  No upsells, no complexities, no extra things to keep track of renewing.  You simply pay one price (that is less than $60.00 difference worst case) and everything just keeps on ticking.

Oh, and you will need at least a year to truly make a go of it.  Business online can be lucrative, things can literally happen at the speed of light, but first, you have to generate the source of that light, and that takes time.

You really can’t put a price on the community.  Because while support is going to be there to help you with serious technical issues 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it’s the community that will be answering your burning questions like:

  • How do I effectively use Twitter (and other social accounts)?
  • How long should my title be?
  • How do I research keywords to do well in the search engines?
  • How do I change my title to use a bigger font?
  • How do I publish a book?
  • How do I increase traffic to my website?
  • And anything else you can think of

Not only that, the community is going to actually help you get your site off the ground.  They will:

  • comment on your blog posts
  • become your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media you use
  • They will review your site and give you feedback
  • Many will even provide you with opportunities to be a guest writer on their site, and do the same on yours

There’s really no end to the possibilities.  These are people, just like you, with websites, just like you will have.  These people are working toward success, just like you will be.

Here's what I suggest you do.

Sign up with Wealthy Affiliate (for free - no credit card required) and go through the Wealthy Affiliate entrepreneur training course which is also free.

Wealthy Affiliate Getting Started

This will help you get going with the training I was talking about without spending a dime.

Go through the 10 lessons of Course 1 and when you are done you'll have a temporary site that is truly a fully functioning site (just not on your domain) when you are done.

But don't worry, when you do buy your domain name, you'll be able to transfer it to that domain.  It's easy, and the course material in Course 2 will walk you through the process.

Once you've finished with lesson 10 of Course 1 of the entrepreneur training, come back here and I'll help you decide on a domain name for your new business.

This is important because when you know where you are hosting your website you can keep everything together and it makes getting started much easier.

In Summary of How to Choose a Web Hosting Partner - Part 2

I’ve covered a lot of information in this article and part 1 because choosing the right hosting partner is one of the most important things you are going to do on this grand adventure.

The only thing that comes prior to choosing a hosting partner is choosing your niche.  In some ways, this may be even more important, because you may change your niche.  But a good hosting partner will survive that transition.

I taught you that the terms used in the industry are only frustrating and frightening because you lack the proper context.  Mostly, everything is pretty simple once you have the meaning and things are explained plainly.

I took you through several things you need to think about when establishing your cyber-foundation, and taught you some things to look for.

I talked to you about various hosting partners and how to compare the basics.  I informed you that there are plenty of other things to consider, but tempered that knowledge by conveying that you only need to get started at this point, there’s plenty of complexity for future thoughts when the timing is right.

I told you about Wealthy Affiliate, and why I’ve got a justifiable bias toward their platform because of the added value that comes with it.  Simply put, I am a fan!

We discussed community, why the community is important, and how you can have an entire community at your disposal, right bloody now!

In my post about how to find a profitable niche, I discussed why it’s important to choose a niche, and that it’s also important not to feel trapped by your niche.

To that point, being able to dabble with multiple sites while you settle into your new role as a webpreneur (web entrepreneur) takes some of the pressure off, knowing that you have everything you need to do that without added cost makes it just that much better.

I invite you to choose one of the hosting partners that I discussed in this article, though many future articles may assume you chose correctly; that you choose Wealthy Affiliate.

Oh, and as an added bonus, I’ll follow you within the Wealthy Affiliate community and you’ll have access to me both here, and there.  Yes.  I am a member, and I use their hosting, otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it.

I urge you to get started today since there’s no cost to you except a little time, you really have no excuse.  Once you’re ready, the next step is to choose your domain name for your niche.  We’ll get to that next.

Engagement and Feedback are Important!

One thing that you have to get good at is engaging with other people if you are going to be successful online.

When you have a question, ask it.  If you have something to add, a story to share, or just feel the need to convey an observation, do it.

You can start right now.

Scroll down a little more and leave me a comment, or ask me a question.  I’ll reply back to you in short order.

Be fearless, and engage!

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