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Trying to make heads or tails of what in the world is going on in the world of search, social and online/internet marketing products, frameworks, systems and scams?

You and everyone else!

One of the things that seems to trouble people a great deal (myself included) is knowing the good from the bad, hell, knowing the good from mediocre is often just as valuable!

Product Reviews for Search, Social and Internet Marketing

It's probably no surprise to you, it's not to me, that products built on top of Internet marketing, especially around search and social paradigms has exploded and the growth is not likely to ebb any time soon.

The Internet is full of products that are going to make your life easier, more productive, less stressful, and in general, maybe just getting you back to living life again.

Unfortunately, the people that we are hearing from when considering using a product is often the very people that made the product.

Obviously, they are trying to make a buck and that means that you really can't expect them to come out and say something like, "we're great here and here, somewhat mediocre here, and we just flat suck at the other stuff".

That's where these reviews come in.

I always try to be unbiased in my reviews, although I'll admit there are times that a certain amount of bias does creep in. For example, I may want to use a tool for a specific purpose, and since I don't know what your exact purpose is, my review might be skewed toward my intended use, so keep that in mind.

Other than that, I hope that the reviews you find here are helpful and I'll try to keep it general when I can.

System and Framework Reviews

More and more often companies are bundling products together into libraries, systems and related services.

Frameworks are something that continue to grow in popularity.  The main reason for this is that a framework is just that, it gives you something more or less standardized on which to build.

Think of it like this.  A library is like a pool of resources like ...well, like a library of books.  It's something that you can look through and use a part of it for a specific need.

A framework is something that often hides the complexity of various tasks.  It typically provides a single (at least finite), or simpler way of doing things that then gets translated into many different forms at the right time.

The framing of a structure like a house can be considered to be a framework, it dictates the size and layout, but the walls and other coverings can take on many different variances.

However, if the people putting on the drywall and other coverings try to stray outside of the framework, it becomes very difficult to maintain any kind of structural integrity.

WordPress (the blogging platform) is another example of a framework.  It takes the complicated task of writing and managing content, and makes it simple.

However, when you try to do something outside of it's native realm, it can be become difficult, and it can lead to trouble for search engine results, or worse, for your readers/users.

A system is a way of doing things, like a process.  A system can be something that exists within a framework, or wraps a library, or combines the two.

A system can be incredibly simple, like how to approach writing a document.  Or it can be highly complicated, variable and work within and around various other technologies, like Wealthy Affiliate.

Social Concepts and Reviews

The reviews around social concepts will be not only be for social tools, but also for strategies and systems to promote social activities.

In fact, I'm considering doing a series on the different social platforms themselves to investigate the similarities and differences, as well as the reach of those platforms.

If I were you, I'd check back often because the first of them are likely coming sometime before August, 2017.

Scam Alerts and Reports

One of the things that really tweaks me are some of these blatant scams!

I don't like them, and it offends some primal part of me to the core to think that these scavengers are gaining traction with the aged, gullible and desperate.

So when something pisses me off, or affects me (or someone I care about) personally, or just catches my attention and I think it's worthy, I'll put it out here to inform you.

And if you ARE one of these low-life, bottom feeding, nastier than maggots eating dead maggot scumbag types, beware!  Because you'll likely end up in this area for the world to see!

I Hope You Find Value in My Ramblings

I'm constantly looking at new technologies in the realm of search, stumbling upon items of worth (or at least curiosity), and tripping over all kinds of nifty slices of the web.

Since I'm documenting aspects of these products, services, systems, sites and ferreting out scams anyway ...I decided I might as well formally document my findings here so that maybe you can benefit and hopefully save you some time.

May you find some value in these annals.

Please Comment and Share

If you find any information that helps you or you think would help others, take a second and share it.

While you're at it, I'd love to hear any thoughts, comments or questions you might have.  So even if it's just to say hello, take a second and leave me a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Chris

    I love your reviews, they are well thought out and expressed in a way that I can understand without having to think too much about them. I look forward to seeing what comes next!

    1. James

      Thanks Chris! I'm glad that you enjoyed them and found them useful, there will be more coming soon so check back often!


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