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Work Hard and Be Nice to People

The FTC is a great example of keeping people safe despite their own common sense and capability for reason, or lack thereof.

And so this page exists.

Though really it would probably exist anyway, I just don't like being forced into scenarios, thus I rebel.

I'm not a fan of over regulation.  Drugs cost as much as the do in the United States not just because greed is a thing, but because the government, through regulation, creates an artificial barrier that keeps competition out.

The simple fact is that some people do things only for money.  This fact is often expressed fairly obviously if you but look around their respective ramblings.

I make money from this site, because I'm in business.  Because I like to support my family.  Because it's a way to keep score, and really the only metric worth counting on to tell if I'm reaching people.

Let me make my point; if I ask you whether you like something or not, you'll likely say that you do, or otherwise qualify your answer in a way that indicates a positive perspective.

If I then ask you if you will give me money for it, unless it's something you really feel is worthy, you won't part with your hard earned cash, nor should you!

So rather than ask, "do you like this thing?"  I ask, "would you pay for this thing?"

If you answer yes to the second question, I get paid, and I know you're sincere.  I know you are serious.  I know you aren't just "kicking the tires" to dabble in business.

There are many ways that I might make money on this site.  In some cases I link to things and the owners of those things pay me.

If I link to something, I'm typically telling you how I feel about it ...and I'm doing so honestly.

If I tell you that something is a piece of crap, and you click on it and buy it anyway, why shouldn't I get paid?

Conversely, if I am responsible for you finding the next great thing that helps you save time, increases your capital acquisition (puts money in your bank account), or simply brings you joy, why shouldn't I get paid?

More importantly, why shouldn't you get paid?

I'd be a poor mentor indeed if I wasn't showing you what to do, and what not to do.

I enjoy helping people reach their goals, and I enjoy helping people learn about things.  News flash! I also enjoy getting paid, and so should you!

Getting paid is not a bad thing.  It's not something you should feel ashamed of. It's something you should be proud of...

If you are being honest about it.

If you are promoting something because it pays well, and you're "fan girling" about it to get people to buy it when it's really a piece of junk... then you are NOT being nice to people.

So You are Crystal Clear About Where  I Stand

My name is James Kelly and I am the primary author on this site.

Some content on this site may be authored by people other than myself. Any content that appears on this site whether authored by myself or not will be governed by the same guidelines I hold myself to.

Every link on this site is not paid for by someone, though many do provide income to me.  With that in mind, assume every link is a link that I get paid for.  It's okay, my feelings won't be hurt.

Assume every tweet, Facebook post, or any other social media contribution I write, re-tweet, or otherwise propagate is something that may directly or indirectly provide me with income.

Every email I receive may be exploited by me for financial gain or used in any way I see fit including:

  • Financial gain (government officials like redundancy)
  • As a decoration on my office walls
  • Being printed out and used as litter for my pet bird (which I don't currently have, but I've been thinking of getting one)
  • Any other possible use

In the past, companies and individuals have given me products for free, and access to services for free.  It is safe to assume this may be the case in the future.

Typically if some entity gives me access to something for free they are expecting a review. Giving me a product or service for free does not guarantee a favorable review, or that I will write a review at all.

If I do review your product/service, there's as much chance that I'll slam your product or service as there is that I'll praise it.

Simply, should I choose to review your "thing"; if the thing I am reviewing has good qualities, I'll express them.  if the thing I'm reviewing has bad qualities I will express those as well.

Efforts to silence or change my opinion through any means (including compensation) other than correcting or improving what I referred to in a negative fashion will fail.

I do welcome clarifying confusion on my part about a feature that I related in a negative fashion (assuming I'm confused).  I will assume I'm not confused unless evidence to the contrary is presented and I accept it, in my sole discretion.

I am, like everyone else, capable of making mistakes, as well as changing my mind. In either case I will do my best to strive for accuracy and correct any mistakes I make.

Often the features of a product or service only truly become clear through extended use and/or through multiple scenarios.

This means that I may edit my opinions and will make every effort to retain the original opinion, while posting the altered opinion, should this happen.

There is a chance that either globally, or on certain pieces of content that I will use third party advertising.  If this is used it will be clearly indicated and I do not endorse or otherwise have any opinion on the advertising that appears.

In short, as Tim Ferris has indicated so simply yet eloquently, "There is no reason why each blogger should have to reinvent the wheel."

Feel free to use these images yourself, just be sure to give proper accreditation.

- Illustrations courtesy of Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer (@neenerbot) -


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